Providing Web Design Services Near Limerick, PA

Providing Web Design Services Near Limerick, PA

We Like To Work Local!

Simplified Internet likes to network with small businesses geographically close to it. Even though they’re a digital marketing company they still appreciate the face-to-face contact and potential for long term business relationships.

We at Simplified Internet are proud to say we serve the Montgomery County area with web design and digital marketing services.


Take Airport Rd, Limerick Center Rd, N Lewis Rd/SR 4013/State Rte 4013 and 2nd Ave/SR 4015/State Rte 4015 to Bateman Dr in Phoenixville
20 min (10.5 mi)

Head northwest on W Ridge Pike/SR 4031/State Rte 4031 toward Lakeside Dr
0.6 mi

Turn left onto Airport Rd
1.3 mi

Turn right onto Limerick Center Rd
1.5 mi

Turn left onto Main St
0.8 mi

Continue onto Linfield Rd
0.6 mi

Turn right onto N Lewis Rd/SR 4013/State Rte 4013
Pass by Dairy Queen (Treat) (on the right in 1.6 mi)
2.6 mi

Turn right onto Vaughn Rd
0.8 mi

Turn left onto 2nd Ave/SR 4015/State Rte 4015
1.4 mi

Slight right onto PA-113 S/Black Rock Rd
1.1 mi

Drive to Sandstone Terrace
1 min (0.2 mi)

Turn right onto Bateman Dr
499 ft

Turn left onto Sandstone Terrace
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
2015 Sandstone Terrace
Phoenixville, PA 19460

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How to Build an Ecommerce Website

Youtube video transcript (text may not be 100% accurate):

Hey guys, how’s it going john Santos and welcome to this channel where we help entrepreneurs start and

grow their businesses. Now, in today’s video, what I’m going to cover is a seven easy steps you can follow

so you can launch your online store ASAP. So stick around.

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions. And I think there’s a little bit of confusion as to like the process to actually launching an online store.

So I’ve launched multiple other videos covering websites, your different options.

And if you guys want to link to any of those, just click the description down below. And you guys will see an expanded list of the videos that I have available on there. But I wanted to create this video for everybody out there that still might have a little bit of questions as far as like, Okay, what does a website actually do? Or like, What steps do I need to take to collect payments?

what kind of website should you build

What Kind of Website Should You Build?

You know, so like all the basics that you may be wondering if you’re wanting to launch a store, like next week, you know, so I’m going to cover those really quickly. That way, you guys have a really good overview as to what’s involved with the website, what comes with it,

what do you maybe need to go and outsource all your basic questions will be answered right in this video. So with that being said, let’s jump right into it. So the first step you need to take us choose your platform, you’re going to need to decide

what platform you want to launch your website on. Now, there is free platforms such as big cartel, Etsy, and all these other ones. But if you truly want to establish a brand and have full control over it, you’re going to need to choose a platform to host your website and to also provide you with the tools that you need to launch your online store. So with that being

said, I’m an

advocate for Blue Host. And I’m also an advocate for Shopify. Now I’m a little torn apart. And you guys know that I talked about what will benefit you. So Blue Host is a low cost way to getting started.

That means that if your budget is

low Blue Host is going to be the way to go. Because what they have is a package that allows you to pay for once a year, and you’re able to host your website and you have a full control over it. Now Shopify is for all those that are really willing to take this seriously invest a little bit money to get enhanced tools and easier workflow. By the way, both of those platforms are really well, some people love to use a Blue Host and WordPress, other people prefer Shopify, it’s really up to you.

But ultimately, if you want to move on to a platform, it’s it’s really going to be between those two, the internet has voted, and those are the top two dogs that are really killing the game right now. And offering entrepreneurs all the tools that you’ll need. So choosing your platform as a first step. That’s like choosing the home. So now you need to choose the name of the home, you need to choose the name of your website, blue hosts offers the ability to buy a domain name on there as well and so to Shopify, so once you choose a domain name, whether it’s www dot revive Bracco.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

com, or,

whatever www name you want to choose. You need to choose it and then you can associate it with the platform that you choose that when you have the link so you can create the marketing materials, you can establish your social media sites, and everything will be good to go for you to launch. So now that you have your platform, and you have your domain, the third thing you’re going to need to do is choose the theme of your store.

Now don’t go out there and spend thousands of dollars for somebody to design a website for you. There’s so many people out there offering those services that a couple thousand dollars to start off is not the best investment,

especially if you’re just

getting started. And you’re not really sure what you want. There’s free themes available both on Blue Host and on Shopify,

that allows you to get started quickly and easily. That way you’re not investing any more money than than the photography, the products and the time that it takes to

create a very

good looking website. Alright, so you’re going to choose a theme. Now there is

other outside platforms that offer themes to buy. And that’s a great option for anybody that wants

something above and beyond the free stuff that’s also available through the Shopify website. Or it’s also available on and bajo which has thousands of things for you to choose from. So you can literally scroll through it and find something you’re going to love. And it’s going to represent what you’re selling. So beans can range anywhere from a couple dollars to a couple hundred. But if you go the free

route, you can literally start a website for less than 50 bucks, you have full control of it, and you’ll be ready to go and start selling.

Now the fourth step you’re going to do is edit your thing. Now most things are plug and play. That means that you literally upload your photos, your descriptions, choose your fonts, upload your product, and you’re good to go. But if you want any kind of color controls, or any kind of special unique offerings, there’s a marketplace for that that allows you to outsource for these people that make those custom changes to you. Shopify has it available and so does Blue Host and as a community of people that literally do a little changes that you’re going to need without charging you an arm and a leg. But for the most part, guys, everything that you start with should be enough for you to get started with. So don’t necessarily

think of customizing every little thing at this moment.

really take the time to photograph though to create the visuals that you’re going to need to create the graphics that you’re going to need. And with that in mind, you’re my consider looking into fiber

fiber will give you some freelancers for as low as five bucks or up work, which allows you

to outsource some design work. So then that way you’re able to communicate with the freelancer that create the front imagery important that you create a really good aesthetically pleasing website. Especially if you’re just starting out, take some time into it, either do it yourself or outsource that to somebody that’s good. Ask for outside opinion, too, because you might think it looks pretty good. But as soon as you get it to somebody that has a good design, knowledge design, I they’re gonna say, dude, what are you doing, you know, so like,

don’t always overtake that process.

Because at the end of the day, that website theme and how it looks and how you present it is going to be your store. And if you want to make money, it needs to look good. Alright guys. So that’s going to be the fourth step for you guys to take us to edit your thing. So the fifth thing you’re going to need to decide on is a pricing and payments.

So luckily

for you, you don’t have to manually process any of the transactions yourself. Like when somebody goes on the internet and wants to buy something, they’re not buying it from you. Like you’re not processing the payment. There’s a third party involved, whether it’s PayPal,

whether it’s stripe, whether it’s Shopify, whether it’s Amazon, there’s a

lot of plugins that come into when you’re creating your sites, there’s going to be payment plugins that you choose. So that’s the third party that collects the payments. So don’t think that you have to oversee the process and invoice customers for their orders, or whatever that is like

the website itself comes with its built in system or plugins

Six Reasons You Need a Webpage

that allow you to do all that. So that way, the buyer and you are both protected, you know that you’re getting funds, the buyer knows that he’s not getting scammed

by somebody who In this step,

you’re going to need to set the price points for your products, you’re going to set how much inventory is available for those products. And you’re going to need a connect or payment system to it that way. It’s a seamless checkout.

And everybody can go onto your site,

see how much it costs by it, you get the money in your bank. So now the six that they’re going to need to take us figure out your shipping. If you want your website to automatically calculate the shipping costs. It does cost a little bit more if you wanted to automate the process. But if you’re just starting out, I recommend that you head over to USPS. com. That’s U. S p s calm and they have flat rate boxes. So if you’re selling apparel, if you’re

selling anything, that’s the smaller size, go on to the USPS. com website and figure out what the mention will fit

your product nicely because they have flat rate boxes. And what that means is

they can go across the country and across the world for a set price. So

figure out what that set prices for your products. And then add that as part of the cost to your checkout option. So then that way you’re collecting for shipping. As soon as the payments come in, you can print off your label, ship the box and you’re good to go. One thing I would say is don’t go crazy with the shipping costs and try to make more money on the shipping costs. Like it’s always better to pretty much eat the shipping costs. That way somebody checks out your product. And they get to where they get to use it. As I’ve seen. So many times guys have websites that are pretty much like they’ll charge you $25 for shipping. And as I do this, just going across the country, you know, your shipping costs by eight or nine, you know, and they want to make extra money on it. It doesn’t make any sense. Don’t do it. Get it as low as you can get it because that’s the way you’re going to get customers. You know, if you’re selling a shirt for 25, and now you have 15 or $20 on shipping. They’re not going to buy it you know you’re just starting off. So try to do as minimum as you can

still come you’re Costco. So USPS.

com is a good option for you to do a flat rate shipping, but still considering UPS and FedEx.

When it comes to Volk items

when it comes to bigger boxes that you may need to ship out that USPS doesn’t have the pricing on cool. So now you have your shipping, you have your payments, you have everything decided and now what do you got to do, the seven step is to sell and start getting paid. So what you’re going to need to do is you have to set up your bank account, whatever bank account you decide on will be your business account, you connect it to your website that would payments can go in be deposited into your bank account. And then you can go and use that money to buy more inventory for your marketing dollars and continue growing your business. More importantly, guys, when you’re ready to have this website launched, and already selling products, you need to focus on the sales focus on getting traffic to it, focus on people going to it, clicking on it, figuring out why people aren’t checking out, you know, so like it’s always going to be a constant work, but you’re constantly working to make it better. So I hope the steps help paint a clear picture what it takes to launch a website and also sometimes it can be overwhelming and there’s a lot of information out there and sometimes it doesn’t get connected. So I hope that these

seven steps allowed you to

take a look at it step back, have a breather and be able to realize that okay, I can do this you know, and always use the links in my description in my videos. I really appreciate that if you’re already going to buy any of these websites, services or anything I recommend use my links down below because there is a small credit that they give to me that helps me continue producing more videos and helps me sharing my knowledge so I really appreciate that guys. It doesn’t cost you anything extra it’s the same price they just give me a little

small commission on it.

I just want to make sure that you guys are in to know that and if you can do me that favor I always appreciate it. If you have any questions, comment down below or hit me up on instagram snapchat and let’s get to go and let me know what you got in mind. And I’ll continue answering Be on the lookout for new videos once a week trying to lunch on every Friday but I may even lunch on Friday and Sunday. So just be on the lookout I’m organizing the whole entire channel w guys get some better content and continue to grow your business. Alright guys, stay in touch and let’s talk soon. Bye.

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